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CoolStream Utilizes Data and Analytics Supplying CoolSculpting™
Providers with Highly Qualified Buyers Each Month.

The #1 Choice For CoolSculpting Treatment Provider Growth From Coast-To-Coast!

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How CoolStream Works


Data Driven

Our buyer data and insights are second to none. Put simply, we know how to access and target the CoolSculpting prospect so that you receive the highest quality lead.

Qualified Buyers

By utilizing our proven methodology, we are able to trigger buyer impulses that speak to their specific needs and motivates them to take action.

Increased Sales

We have systematized the sales process so that you know exactly how and when to follow up with your leads and have full transparency along the way.


CoolStream Drives Results

All-In-One Lead to Sales Pipeline for CoolSculpting Businesses.

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Consultation Requests

Every other provider will sell you on the “value” of an their leads. Our service differs in that our leads are individuals who have opted in AND completed a secondary form requesting their consultation with your practice making them a much more highly valuable prospect.

Industry Expertise

We have years of experience in the diet and weight loss space and were founded by Corbitt Chandler who has worked for billion dollar weight-loss brands. Simply put, we know what psychological triggers work and create massive action by prospects.

Easy Automation

Our entire pipeline is systematized and automated providing your staff with an easy-to-follow dashboard to manage follow up as well as provides a seamless experience for your prospects.

Proven Sales Tactics

As soon as you sign on with Cool Stream, you receive access to our Client Portal. This resource is complete with support videos as well as sales tools and proven scripts to significantly increase your show and close rates when implemented.


We know the numbers! Our Key Performance Indicators can tell you, based on our proven system, what your percentages will be from how many consultations requested will book with you to ultimately how many you will close. Basically, we have created a marketing machine where you know how much money to put in to get the return you’re looking to achieve for your business.
Complete our application to see if your business qualifies as a CoolStream™ partner


All The Tools Your Business Needs To Drive Results:


Our proven Facebook™ ad formula, is second to none. Based on data, we take a granular daytrading-type approach to ad delivery that creates massive flow into your pipeline from qualified buyers.


It’s said, “People love buying. They hate being sold.” We know the CoolSculpting™ buyer and how to reach them. Our ads are tested as well as the audiences we target creating an effective delivery to the buyers you want. This creates a desirable “buying” experience to your prospect audience.


Hundreds of thousands of dollars has gone into testing and refining our 3-step prospect funnel system. Bottom line, with our system you can be confident you’re receiving a highly valuable tool that works at converting qualified prospects into leads and consultation requests.


Our emails are completely written, tested and automated. Every single step in the pipeline has been contemplated and built. You’ll never have to send another email to your CoolSculpting™ prospects again with our CoolStream™ custom pipeline.


Because of our Facebook advertising acumen, we can create a buyer journey and experience that is customized to your audience. They will see what ads we want them to see, when we want them to see them. This customized journey increases the effectiveness of our campaigns.


Like our email drip campaigns, every level of the pipeline is completely automated. This includes when the prospects opts to the moment you close them. Not only are the emails automated, but SMS text as well. We make your job simple when it comes to follow up and ultimately increasing show rates through automation.


Use the CoolStream Prospect Dashboard to manage your pipeline and automation easily and simply. Daily tasks are displayed so you know exactly where each prospect exists in your pipeline. This tracks everything from leads to ultimately sales. Every step has been thought through and automated making the follow up process simple for your team.


CoolStream™ comes complete with our CoolStream™ Client Portal. Not only does this resource house tutorial videos that educate you and your staff on how to use our system, it also includes Sales Scripts and tactics. Theses sales tips and tricks are tested and proven to increase your show and close rates and is regularly updated with the latest and greatest best practices in the industry

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Complete our application to see if your business qualifies as a CoolStream™ partner

CoolStream Packages


$ CoolStream 100

Set Up Fee: $1,500 Monthly Management Fee: $2,000 100 CoolSculpting Leads per Month: $3,500 Month 1 Total: $7,000 Month 2 and Beyond: $5,500

$ CoolStream 300

Set Up Fee: WAIVED! Monthly Management Fee: Month 1 WAIVED! 300 CoolSculpting Leads per Month: $10,000 Month 1 Total: $10,000 Month 2 and Beyond: $12,000

$ CoolStream 200

Set Up Fee: $1,500 Monthly Management Fee: $2,000 200 CoolSculpting Leads per Month: $7,000 Month 1 Total: $10,500 Month 2 and Beyond: $9,000

“80 percent of sales happen after the fifth call. Only 10 percent of businesses make that many calls.” CoolStream makes this easy with our automated systems and processes so that you never miss a potential sale"


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